BOISE -- Several hundred advocates of marriage equality gathered at the Ada County Courthouse this morning to call attention to the debate over same-sex marriage in Idaho.

The aptly-named Party at the Ada County Courthouse for Marriage Equality event on Facebook had 529 guests confirmed attending as of Friday morning.

More than 200 gay marriage supporters, and also some opponents, had gathered as of 10 a.m. The event lasted just over three hours.

The gathering came in response to Thursday's ruling by a federal circuit court of appeals to stay the ban on gay marriages in Idaho.

Despite the temporary stay, Friday's mood was one of celebration for many here.

LGBT community members and straight allies gathered to celebrate Tuesday's ruling by federal judge Candy Dale overturning Idaho's gay marriage ban. The ban had been in effect since the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed.

Boise's Dallas Chase held up a colorful sign that read Congratulations, and yelled, It's time to dance!

Others cut wedding cake and posed for photographs with wooden cutouts that had caricatures of two brides or two grooms.

Many same-sex couples in attendance had already married out-of-state, but said they wanted their marriages to be recognized in Idaho.

Melissa Borg and Alicia Al Borm traveled to Washington State for their marriage license. They'd hoped for the same rights here in Idaho as gay couples have in other states.

I was excited about taxes, because taxes for married gay couples in Idaho are crazy, said Borm.

Meanwhile, a handful of opponents held signs of protest while upbeat pop music played in the background.

Organizer Emily Walton says the party was one of solidarity, bringing both gay and straight Idahoans together with a common goal.

When I came to this courthouse about four years go to get my marriage license, I got to walk right in, Walton told KTVB. And every American should have the same thing.

VIDEO:Celebration at Statehouse after gay marriage ban struck down

An unknown number of LGBT couples in Idaho had planned to apply for marriage licenses on Friday after Idaho's ban on same-sex marriages was overturned Tuesday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale.

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