BOISE -- There's no way to know how many same-sex couples in Idaho will apply for a marriage license Friday.

As the ruling stands, gay couples can go to any courthouse after 9 a.m. and fill out the paperwork. That means same-sex couples will soon be lining up to get married across the state, including here in Ada County.

That's good news for Ty Carson from Boise. Busy asking questions about just how to get a marriage license at the Ada County Courthouse, Ty has been awaiting this moment for years.

Friday at 9 a.m. I plan on being right here in this building getting a marriage license, Carson told KTVB.

An outspoken advocate for gay rights, Carson has been arrested a total of six times while protesting for LGBT rights at the Idaho Statehouse. A member of the Add the Four Words Movement, Carson also fights for equal protection for gays and lesbians under the Idaho Human Rights Act.

For this activist, the freedom to marry in Idaho is a major breakthrough.

I've been with my partner for 15 years, and we've raised three, wonderful, beautiful children, and it's a very exciting -- the idea of having the same rights as all heterosexual couples have, Carson added.

Fourth District Court Clerk Chris Rich says there's no way to know how many gay couples plan to apply for marriage.

We have six clerks here at the counter, and they're all trained to do marriage licenses, Rich told KTVB. So for Friday, I've indicated to staff that they need to be on scene, ready to go, and all six of them prepared.

Clerks here process an average of 12 marriage certificates a day (that's about 3,200 per year). They say computer issues could make the process slightly more difficult -- the licensing system only has input fields for bride and groom. However, there's also the interesting fact that no one knows just how many people might show up.

Carson expects a large number.

It's not just gay people, it's all of our straight allies. It's everyone that's celebrating this justice that's been set right, Carson said.

Marriage licenses cost $28 in Ada County. A copy of the certificate costs $3.

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