BOISE -- New details emerged in an Ada County courtroom today about a double murder in Boise last week.

Samari Winn, 34, appeared before a judge. Court documents reveal that he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed 28-year-old Elliot Bailey and 27-year-old Travontae Calloway. He is accused of helping lead the gunman to the Orchard Street home where the shootings occurred late on the night of May 8.

Winn is jailed on two counts of aiding and abetting murder in the murder of the two men, and one count of aiding and abetting in the attempted murder of a woman.

Judge John Hawley Jr. ordered Winn be held without bail.

All three counts allege that you aiding and abetting the unknown male, by leading the unknown male who carried the .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol back to the apartment where those three individuals were, and upon entry into the apartment, the unknown male immediately shot upon entry, shot the three individuals, read Judge Hawley.

Also inside the home during the shooting was a woman. While her condition is still unknown, more information about her came out in court Monday.

And count three, the attempted murder in the first degree alleges that you did unlawfully, deliberately and with premeditation and malice aforethought, attempt to kill and murder an individual whose initials are J.J. by shooting J.J. in the arm with a .45 caliber, read Judge Hawley.

While Winn is charged with aiding and abetting in the shootings, Boise Police maintain a second person is responsible for pulling the trigger and is still on the loose.

Prosecutors allege Winn led that person to the victims.

Neighbors reported hearing 7 to 8 shots fired that night. Then heard the slamming of car doors and the screeching of tires.

And while that Boise neighborhood was shaken by the murders, police say this crime is an isolated incident. That the people involved all knew each other and the general public is not in immediate danger. However, they say finding the suspect in this case remains a top priority.

Winn s next hearing is scheduled for May 27.

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