BOISE -- Boise Police have announced that one man has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with the shooting deaths of two men at a home on Orchard Street overnight.

Samari P. Winn, 34, is charged with two counts of murder, but detectives working this case believe at least one other suspect is still at large.

Officers responding to a report of shots fired at a home at 2178 South Orchard Street found a woman and two men injured. The victims were transported to the hospital, where the men died.

The Ada County coroner released the identity of the victims Friday afternoon. They are 28-year-old Elliot Bailey and 27-year-old Travontae Calloway, both of Boise. They died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Lt. Stan Niccolls says one of the victims called 911 around 11:30 p.m. Thursday to report the shooting. The three adults who were shot live together at the home in south Boise.

For residents in this Boise neighborhood things are still sinking in

I feel sadness more than anything, said Krista Tolleshaug.

Next door to Tolleshaug, Robert Ridenour heard everything just before he was about to doze off to sleep.

All of a sudden I hear about seven or eight gun shots and I jumped up out of bed and opened the door real fast to see if I could see anything. (I) heard a couple of doors close and then heard a car peel out of here, said Ridenour.

While some were fast asleep during the shooting Ryan Farrar was up working late. He's been working for Papa John s for about a year, but Thursday night was the oddest night he'd had yet.

I show up, knocked on the door, nothing, I knocked on the door again, no answer. I rang the doorbell, and then I thought to myself I am going to go back to my car, and call the customer as I was leaving three police officers were coming down the driveway, said Farrar.

Farrar believes he knocked right after shots were fired that eventually killed Calloway and Bailey.

If I had shown up any earlier I could have been involved, and it might not have been favorable at all, said Farrar.

A police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said the victims were not randomly targeted.

The suspects and the victims were involved in something that was going on between them, she said.

Police say the shooting was an isolated incident, and there does not appear to be an ongoing threat to the community.

We also think that these people may know each other, Niccolls said. We don't think the public is at risk at all in this, so we don't want the public to be fearful, but if they do hear something we want a phone call.


Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call the Boise Police Department.

If anybody driving down Orchard at about 11:30 last night saw anything that looked funny, cars speeding away, we could use any sort of tips or info that they might have, added Lt. Niccolls.

In the meantime, Hightower says police are working hard to close the case.

The detectives have been working this from lots of different angles, she said. There are detectives at the hospital, detectives in the field, detectives still here on scene.This is obviously a high priority case.

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