MERIDIAN -- Idaho Sand & Gravel will have to wrap up operations at a Meridian site in the next few months after a decision by the city council.

This comes after neighbors in the nearby subdivision say they have been plagued with dust, and noise from the rock crushing for too long. Back in March, Idaho Sand & Gravel applied to Meridian Planning and Zoning for a 18-month extension on their permit, with 60 more days of rock crushing.

At a meeting Thursday, Planning and Zoning Chairman Joe Marshall said the company had done what it could, and workers tried to address complaints from neighbors, but Marshall said that it's just, not a proper place for a gravel pit.

I think these residents have been through enough, said Marshall.

Many neighbors testified against extending the permit, saying they have dealt with these issues long enough.

In our driveways on the south side of our house, we've had piles of dust that would blow off. Our windows are coated with dust, and it goes on. Whatever they do, it doesn't control the dust, said one neighbor.

A handful of people who testified said they have not had the extreme issues that others reported, and that the company has been responsive to issues that were brought up.

In a unanimous decision, the Planning and Zoning Commission decided to extend the permit only until November 1, and also said that Idaho Sand & Gravel cannot do any more rock crushing or excavation, must haul away all material, and have the area reclaimed by that date.

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