PAYETTE COUNTY -- Idaho State Police released video of a traffic stop that has resulted in a lawsuit filed by a Washington man.

Darien Roseen is suing ISP, the trooper who initially pulled him over, and two other agencies that assisted in a traffic stop and search last January.

Roseen believes he was profiled by the trooper because he had a Washington driver's license, Colorado license plates and had just crossed into Idaho from Oregon. All three of the other states have some form of legalized marijuana.

This raw video contains audio and video starting when the trooper follows Roseen and then pulls him over when Roseen pulls into a rest stop. The trooper asks several questions about the contents of Roseen's car and marijuana. Roseen's attorneys say no drugs were ever found in the vehicle.

ISP says it only redacted Roseen's personal information, like his date of birth, from the tape. The entire search lasted more than two and a half hours; however, the tape is one and a half hours.

ISP says a portion of time is missing when officers and Roseen were inside the Payette County Sheriff's Office.That gap may have been caused by the memory card running out, according to ISP's spokeswoman.

Tonight on the KTVB News at 10, an attorney who has expertise in search and seizure laws will review the tape and give his take on this particular traffic stop.

Roseen's attorney declined to comment on the video released by ISP this week.

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