EAGLE -- A group of concerned citizens wanted the Ada County Highway District to reconsider their decision to allow a roundabout feature at Old State Street and Eagle Road.

ACHD and the Eagle City Council approved the project last month.

But, a group of people from Eagle are concerned the roundabout would make the intersection unsafe.

They made a presentation to ACHD Commissioners Wednesday and asked that they reconsider their 3 to 2 decision.

The commission discussed it, but in the end, decided to let the roundabout go forward, saying that their experts tell them the roundabout will be very safe.

You're asking for trouble, said Feleen Anderson. People are going to get killed, injured and maimed. I desperately ask you, as the rest of us do, to reconsider this roundabout.

They are much safer than a signalized intersection, said ACHD Commission President John Franden. They slow traffic down. When you do have an accident, they're at much lower speeds, so the damage is less. If you have a pedestrian who happens to get out into the crosswalk, the cars are going slow enough so they can react and stop.

Franden says the construction of the roundabout won't happen for a couple of years.

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