BOISE There's a vacant piece of private property quickly filling with junk at the end of a backwoods road between Horseshoe Bend Road and Hill Road.

Police say the owner of the property lives out of state, and recently people have been illegally dumping their trash on the lot.

The trash includes tires, old broken dressers, mattresses and paint cans -- even an old boat.

Eagle Police Sergeant Patrick Calley says whoever is dumping the trash is breaking the law.

This is stuff people don t want to pay the extra fee at the dump to get rid of, said Calley.

Calley says the problem has worsened in recent weeks.

It s that broken windows theory, explains Sgt. Calley. I drop my branches and then he drops his mattress and then he drops his boat and then he drops his paint and it just never stops.

Police believe people come into the area at night, quietly dump their belongings, and then leave.

The area is hidden in the trees and is in somewhat of a gulley, so people don't notice when a vehicle travels in.

In addition, Calley knows the act of dumping trash is not ignorance. For example, whoever dumped the boat knew what they were doing was illegal.

They ground off all the hull numbers and took off all the registration information and then leave their boat here, said Sgt. Calley.

The Eagle Police Department wants people to start to take notice of the property and pay attention to unusual activity.

So we are generating the leads so if anyone recognizes this boat because we are trying to find them, said Calley.

If that person is caught they face a misdemeanor charge at the very least.

Very much like a littering ticket, but if you are up here disposing of dangerous chemicals or paint there are some federal level charges that you could face, explained Calley.

That would be a much worse option for someone who might otherwise do the right thing, according to Sgt. Calley and take their trash to the Ada County Landfill. A half ton pickup truck filled with trash would cost you at the least $11 to dispose of.

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