BOISE -- Kuna parents are standing behind an effort to recall a school board trustee who voted no to another supplemental levy election.

Kuna School District board members are asking voters to approve a $3.19 million levy in May after their March levy failed.

Trustee Michael Law was elected to sit on the board in July and believes in cutting down on government control over Idahoans.

We already have struggling families, said Law. Parents know how best to take care of their children.

Twice now he's voted against asking taxpayers for more money and rallied behind a movement to get the levy to fail. He told KTVB Tuesday, that that money should stay in the pockets of families.

The less the government intrudes into that, the better off families are, said Law.

However, there is a group of parents and concerned Kuna residents who believe Law should instead come up with a solution to better Kuna schools rather than voting down levy elections.

We need that money to keep what we have and to continue to grow, said Kuna resident Terri Reno.

So recently, Reno decided to start a petition to recall Law from his seat on the board.

A person in his position shouldn t be against the schools, explained Reno. He should be for the schools and he can be against the levy but provide a solution instead of just voting no and handing out misrepresentations.

Law says he is not taking the petition personal, if anything he said residents getting involved in the public process is great to see. He also said he was elected to stand on the board and help make decisions, and not everyone is going to be in agreement.

I am a firm believer in the Constitution and despite me being an elected official, Law said. I have every right to work toward what I believe in.

Reno said her petition isn t going away, even if voters approve a second attempt at the supplemental levy again in May.

No, said Reno. My mind is made up.

Reno explained that she needs 29 signatures to make it valid, but she already has over 40.

If the process is verified by the Ada County Elections Office then Law could be asked to resign. If he chooses not to resign, a decision to recall him will go to the voters in August.

Law added he thought there could be some public backlash for his vote but didn t expect this much.

I really think this is kind of more of a vendetta. People were angry and I understand that anger, he said. People are upset about that and in some cases they are looking for a target. I am the most obvious target.

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