BOISE -- The Ada County Highway District wants your help fixing up roadways.

The agency is holding the annual Pothole Days event beginning Tuesday and continuing through Thursday.

The goal is to get them while they are small, and they are generally filled within 24 hours of being reported.

You can let the highway district know about potholes you see on the road. Report problems to ACHD by email or call the department directly at (208) 387-6325 (E. of Cole Road) or (208) 387-6350 (W. of Cole Road).

If you can catch it early, you can keep a small problem from becoming a big problem that requires maybe a whole rebuild of a road or an intersection or what have you. So that's why, spring time coming out of winter freeze thaw cycle, that's when they start showing up in big numbers, said ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana. That's why we want to get on it hard.

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