BOISE It was a rare opportunity for employees of Zion s Bank and community leaders Tuesday as they sat down to hear from retired Navy Seal hero Marcus Luttrell.

Those with Zion s Bank said they are launching their lecture series that will continue into next fall with three guest speakers.

Luttrell kicked things off Tuesday on the 17th floor of the 8th and Main building in the Idaho room.

In 2005 Marcus Luttrell and four other SEALs were dropped into a remote area of Afghanistan. Their mission was to take out Taliban leader Ahmad Shah.

However, after five grueling days Luttrell ended up being the lone survivor of that dangerous mission.

At the lecture luncheon Luttrell spoke candidly about Operation Red Wing. He talked about the five-day mission and condensing that into a book version, which ultimately became a blockbuster hit movie starring Mark Walhberg.

Misinformation about the mission was circulating while Luttrell was still recovering in the hospital, so the Navy decided to declassify the information and put it in book form in order get the real facts out to the American people.

Although the mission was physically and mentally demanding, Luttrell has a sense of humor about how the book deal came about.

I wanted to get out of the hospital and go back over and in combat with my boys, said Luttell.

When the book was finally published, Lutrell was in Iraq.

The publishing house would always call and email (saying) hey isn t Marcus going outside is he? Tell him to be safe tell him not to die we need him, he said, making the crowd laugh.

For the movie, Luttrell was able to choose Peter Berg to direct it and to Luttrell s liking, Berg made sure the story fit the actual event.

The Zion's Bank speaker series continues into the fall with actress Geena Davis and Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane -- who was the subject of the book and movie, Moneyball.

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