KUNA -- A little over a week after voters in the Kuna School District rejected a $3.19 million supplemental levy, the school board decided Friday morning to run it again in May.

When the levy failed last week, it was by less than 100 votes.

Carl Ericson, the Chair of the School Board of Trustees, believes that was because people didn't know the importance of the levy.

This decision by the Kuna School District School Board to run the levy again is not meant to be a snub to those who voted no, rather just a plea of the desperate nature of this situation, said Ericson. In our viewpoint, as the board, we do need additional revenue for the district.

Ericson has four children that graduated from Kuna High School and another one that will graduate this spring.

He believes with another shot, the levy will pass, and ensure a high quality education for students.

We have a good community in Kuna and we want to keep it going, and we believe that being able to have a healthy, functioning school district assists everybody in Kuna and not just those that have kids in the school, said Ericson.

During Friday's school board meeting member voted on two questions. The first was whether to run another levy. The second one was to run it in May or August.

In a 3-2 vote, the decision to run another levy by the voters passed.

The two dissenting votes were from one member who wanted to run the levy in August, and the other board member who didn't want to run another levy.

Ericson said he voted to run it in May rather than August for the sake of the teachers.

I didn't want to put the teachers through a summer of uncertainty and have more of them leave, said Ericson.

Earlier this week, community members went to a school board meeting with differing views on whether to try this again.

To those people who voted no and wonder why the district is trying again, this is what Ericson had to say.

We can't just do it to thumb our nose in the face of the people that voted no, said Ericson. We also have to recognize that they have a significant voice out there and if we want to have a good district that's united and really educating our kids right, we need to reach out to them, and we need to include them in the process and try to recognize that there's a feeling out there that there's a lot of room for us to cut and we don't need another levy.

If the district fails to pass this levy in May they have another option, they could run it again in August.

The voters in the Kuna School District will vote on the supplemental levy on May 20th.

Without the levy, the district says it will need to cut 11 percent of its budget.

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