BOISE -- Ada County is looking for a new emergency alert system after multiple failures in recent months.

The county says the system they use to alert people about emergencies or police activity in the area only works about 80 percent of the time, and that's simply not good enough.

Ada County signed on with back in 2011. They say the primary reason they chose this provider was that the state of Idaho was already on board with them.

The county uses the system to send out automated calls to people in a specific area who are in danger, or who need to be alerted about something going on around them.

Ada County uses the system about two dozen times a year.

They say it doesn't have some of the features they want, like letting people subscribe to get calls in specific areas, and it's hard for their dispatchers to use.

I don't think this product has ever been exactly what we thought that it was going to be, said Andrea Dearden, Ada County Sheriff's public information officer. I can remember having meetings in 2011, 2012 talking to the developer of my state to talk about what kind of things we would like to see it do.

Dearden says they've seen two major failures of the system recently, but used it Thursday morning and it worked just fine.

They are already looking for a new emergency alert system and hope to have it in place in the next few months.

The county will continue to use the alert system until they have a new system in place.

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