BOISE -- NBC debuts a new show in primetime Monday night that stars a local girl.

Believe is about a girl named Bo with supernatural powers being hunted down by forces of evil.

The show's young star is 10-year-old Johnny Sequoyah from Boise. She's the daughter of Oscar-nominated Boise producer Heather Rae. Her dad is also a filmmaker.

Johnny appeared on TODAY Monday morning with her co-star Jake McLaughlin and explained how she got the role.

They were filming a movie, and they were gonna send me away to summer camp, and I was like 'you're not sending me away to summer camp,' and so they were like okay, we'll write you a role in the movie and i was like 'ok!,' said Sequoyah in an interview on TODAY. So I did the movie and then an agency saw me and sent me on an audition and i didn't get it. But on my second audition, I got Believe!

In addition to the young Boisean, Believe features a hollywood who's who cast and crew including Delroy Lindo who plays Bo's guardian.

The show was created by Alfonso Cuaron who just won the Best Director Oscar for the film Gravity.

The pilot episode of Believe airs on KTVB 9 p.m. Monday.

Click the play icon above to watch the full interview with the adorable Sequoyah on Monday's TODAY show including her explaination of how she changed her name to be more spicy. To see it on the app, go to the video tab.

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