BOISE -- Hydrologists are not the only ones who are happy about the water outlook.

Folks in the outdoor sports field are, too, as a wet February is bringing good news for those who want to hit the whitewater.

The Idaho Outfitter and Guides Association says mountain snowpack levels and anticipated stream flows in the Salmon, Snake, Lochsa and Payette River basins are ranging from 90-120 percent of normal.

Chad Long runs Cascade Raft and Kayak with his family, and have been helping people get out on the Payette River since the early 1990s.

We're basically like farmers. They pay attention to the weather just to see if they're going to be able to grow their crop, and we pay attention to see if we're going to get to go and play on the water, said Long.

Until February hit, the Long's were worried.

We have a lot of friends that are in Southern California, and they're on three years of drought. If you add up all of their water together, it doesn't add up to a normal year for the last three years, Long said. We were definitely getting a little anxious until that last month of moisture, and now we're really looking forward to a great season.

Long says this season should have a consistent flow, making it more approachable.

Any year that we have between 85 and 95 percent snowpack typically covers up the rocks really nicely, gives enough water for the waves to be really fun and splashy and really just makes it for a very good, user-friendly year, Long said.

The Idaho Outfitter and Guides Association said Idaho is fairing much better than near-by California and Nevada. They said February really helped with precipitation levels more than 200 percent of normal in the Boise and Snake River basins, and 150 percent of normal in the Salmon and Payette River Basins.

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