BOISE -- At Boise Art Glass, masterpieces come to life using heat, air, and gravity.

Artist Filip Vogelpohl, originally from the Czech Republic, has been glassblowing for close to two decades.

I saw a friend blowing glass in his garage, and tried it, and immediately got hooked, Vogelpohl told KTVB. I decided that it was my future.

That vision still holds true. He's owned Boise Art Glass for 8 years, and has made tens-of-thousands of glass masterpieces throughout his career.

When you get good enough, things become consistent, and you can say, OK, I'm going to make a vase, he said.

That's exactly what he set out to make when KTVB visited the studio.

First, Vogelpohl dips a steel pole into molten hot glass. It's about 2500 degrees in there, he adds.

Molding the vase takes about 30 minutes. Vogelpohl alternates between shaping the hot glass, adding color, and reheating it in a furnace to keep it flexible.

It's such a seductive art, said Vogelpohl. There's a lot of happy accidents too.

After modeling and shaping the vase, it goes into a kiln to set for close to 18 hours.

Vogelpohl makes the entire process look easy. But he's happy to share what he's learned over the years. Boise Art Glass offers classes every day, Tuesday through Saturday.

It's not specific to any gender or any age. I mean, we've got grandparents with their grand kids in here, he said. There's such a high demand for classes, the studio is booked through May.

To meet demand and expand the business, Boise Art Glass is moving to a brand new space in downtown Boise. It will be located at 1124 West Front Street in the old Bogies building.

The new studio will open in May.

I'd be lost if I wasn't blowing glass, said Vogelpohl. He's excited to make a change and introduce even more people to this addictive art form. Because I love it. I don't know what else I would do.

The studio offers classes for beginners every Thursday. It costs $40 to take part.

You can learn more about Boise Art Glass by clicking here.

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