NAMPA -- Last Thursday night Nampa Police served a drug warrant at a house on South Cassia Street. After it was all said and done, four people were arrested, a dog had been shot, and many people in the community were left with questions. Police say the dog was being aggressive. The owners of the dog though say the shooting was unjustified.

Nampa Police Deputy Chief Brad Daniels says officers entered the home to serve a search warrant for drugs and one of the dogs immediately bit an officer on the calf. They trapped that dog in a room but encountered another dog, Russo, in a larger room they had to secure.

They tased him but just seconds later he was back up, and according to officers, being aggressive. That's when they shot him.

Jorden Reyes, one of the dog's owners, says it was totally unjustified, especially because they offered to shut their dogs in a room to take them out of the situation. She also says the dog, Russo, is very gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone. His bark is really, really loud, I'll give you that. It's loud, but he wasn't charging them. If he was going to jump on you or anything like that he would have already done it.

Daniels says the officers made the best decision they could in a hectic situation and couldn't afford to find out if Russo was gentle or not. One of the highest risk things we do in law enforcement, are drug search warrants. People who deal in narcotics, generally speaking, can be very violent people. We have an obligation to protect the rest of the public, and in doing so, we have to do things a certain way to make sure our officers stay safe.

Russo had reconstructive surgery on his ear. He is slowly recovering. The Canyon County Animal Shelter took the dog that bit the officer. Police say all the dogs are back home at this time.

The drug investigation continues.

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