COEUR D ALENE, Idaho The Kootenai County Sheriff s Office released video Friday of a deadly officer-involved shooting on September 29, 2012. On Thursday, the Kootenai County Prosecutor announced that Coeur d Alene Police Department officers were justified when they shot and killed Christian Nicholas Buquet, 19.

The clips released on Friday showed deputies in pursuit of Buquet. The clips also showed authorities exchanging fire with Buquet (also known as Christopher Mallon).

The pursuit began when officers said Buquet shot Frank James, 29, in the chest and fired at three other bystanders near 11th & Lakeside, triggering the high-speed chase. During the chase, Buquet was swerving in and out of the Centennial Trail.

Deputies said Buquet was driving along East Coeur d Alene Lake Drive when he took a turn too fast and spun out. Authorities said Buquet got out of the car and began firing at officers who returned fire.

More than 70 shots were fired and Buquest died soon after.

No officers were hurt.

The Kootenai County Prosecutor originally ruled the shooting justified in March 2013, however police asked investigators to look at the video again.

A forensics expert was then able to determine with certainty that Buquet did in fact fire at officers after spinning out.

The prosecutor once again ruled the shooting justified saying Buquet posed a threat to officers and the people along the Centennial Trail.

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