MERIDIAN Ashlee Birk, the widow of Emmett Corrigan murdered in 2011 at the hands of Rob Hall, feels it's time to share what she went through, and she's doing it in a very public way.

Birk is writing a blog, The Moments We Stand. She's only been posting for a few weeks and already a lot of people are reading what she has to say.

She sat down with KTVB for an exclusive interview to talk about the blog and where she is as the third anniversary of Emmett s murder approaches.

For those not familiar with the story, Corrigan had an affair with Rob Hall's wife Kandi. Rob Hall found out about it and shot and killed Emmett on March 11, 2011.

It was after the murder that Ashlee found out her husband was cheating on her. Now she's not only emerging from her pain but sharing it with the world.

As soon as everything happened, I got really private, said Ashlee Birk.

Now, she describes her complicated feelings toward her murdered husband.

I would describe it as a man who I loved with all my heart until I felt like all of it wasn't real and then I hated him with all my heart, and I was frustrated and I was angry and I was scared and I was humiliated, said Birk.

Despite all of that pain, she is healing.

I want to move forward because I'm me, not because the pain that holds me back of being a victim, said Birk.

Part of that healing and really what helped her emerge the most, was starting a blog. Her first post was January 6, 2014.

Once I started writing, the good times came out, and I started realizing there's more to my story and there's more to my pain, said Birk.

It's that pain she writes about, sharing intimate and vulnerable details. Her blog talks about decisions, crossroads, moments that can alter our lives.

I think the ripple effect is larger than anyone knows, each decision every person makes, whether big or small can affect the entire world, said Birk.

She knows better than most. That's why she's writing and sharing, hoping others learn from the mistakes of her husband and the Halls.

Anyone who's at those crossroads in their lives, I'm willing to share because I hope that it will just save one. One of those types of people who are struggling with their own lives, said Birk. If my words can help one man choose his family instead of something else, then it will better our world I guess.

And her words are likely hitting people across the world. She's pushing nearly 800,000 visits to her website.

I'm ready to do anything if it will help people realize they're enough and that if they're questioning who they are that they can turn somewhere, somewhere much stronger than themselves, said Birk.

The blog was meant to be for her and her kids - but she now realizes it's much bigger than that - and she has something to share.

After Rob Hall's murder trial Dateline NBC did an entire show on what happened. This week Dateline is spotlighting that episode, Deadly Desire.

As part of that Ashlee will take part in an online discussion, allowing anyone to ask her questions. Click here for a link to that page. That will happen at 6 p.m. MT.

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