BOISE COUNTY -- The Idaho Transportation Department has closed a 12-mile stretch of Idaho 21 between the Grandjean Junction and Banner Summit as an avalanche safety precaution.

The closure happened at 1 p.m. Wednesday and comes just a day after the highway was reopened after being closed to traffic for five days. Several slides tumbled down on the road. Many of them carried timber and debris.

Officials say snow overnight and today, mixed with rain in the forecast this evening, has made the area unstable again.

Since Friday, the area has received 28 inches of snow.

Crews used explosives to set off another slide as a safety measure to eliminate potential danger.

In Idaho County, ITD has also closed a 61-mile stretch of U.S. 12 for an avalanche safety precaution. The last time the highway was closed due an avalanche was in January of 2008.

At 10:15 a.m. Thursday, ITD reopened a stretch of U.S. 12 from Lowell to Powell. No slides occurred during the closure, and the amount of rain and snow forecasted, which prompted the closure, did not happen.

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