MCCALL -- The annual winter carnival starts in McCall on Friday. More than ever, the town is hoping the 10-day event brings in plenty of visitors.

This year McCall hasn't seen the snow they're used to and businesses say that means they haven't seen the sales they're used to.

But, they hope the winter carnival will boost their bottom line.

It's the 49th year for the event, and the theme is Wonders of the World.

On Thursday, we found crews busy putting the finishing touches on their sculptures, while businesses were finishing their preparations.

They're hoping for a huge week with plenty of tourists and lots of business.

Stacey Kucy has owned the pastry shop, Stacey's Cakes, for two and a half years.

This town relies on tourism, we do our snow dance every single day, said Kucy.

She hopes the carnival will bring in the business missed earlier this winter.

In December when they didn't open until much later it was a slow slow start in December, said Kucy.

As crews move snow and get ready for the 10-day event, they're hoping for a huge turn out -- expecting as many as 20,000 people.

Some, like Bob Nissen, call the carnival a life saver for McCall's economy.

We definitely don't have the snow we normally have, the skiers and the snowmobilers were later coming here, said Nissen.

Some tourists, like the Baird family, are already in McCall, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather.

They tell us they're happy to bring business to a town that needs it.

We just love McCall, it doesn't really matter if the snow is great or not, we love being here for the experience of it, said Jessica Baird.

One business owner we talked with said she's expecting sales this weekend to be four times normal.


This year, KTVB will be in McCall for the start of the winter carnival.

We want you to stop by and see the KTVB ice desk.

You can bring your kids and takes photos on the desk which will be sculpted on Friday.

And we would like to see what you shoot! So, once you snap a shot, upload it to our First Person page or post it our Facebook page. You might see your family on the Saturday Morning News.

Here's an example of an ice desk built by KTVB's sister station WKYC-TV.

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