COEUR D ALENE, Idaho -- Police are searching for a suspect that broke into empty rooms at the Coeur d Alene Resort and stole liquor.

Authorities said a security guard at the resort called police and said they found a man in room and he was not a guest at the resort. When the security guard spoke with the suspect, he told him he was looking for his girlfriend according to a police report.

Then, the suspect took off and jumped a fence by the McEuen construction area.

The security guard said the suspect was wearing jeans, a zip up hoodie and was approximately 5 9 or 5 10.

The security guard told police 10-12 unoccupied rooms were entered and alcohol had been taken. He also said someone had used gum and paper to keep the doors from closing all the way.

A short time later, the security guard found suspicious items in a room that was being renovated. He said he found a purse, wallet, a woman s coat, and a hair dryer bag full of single serving alcohol bottles from the resort rooms. The security guard believes these items belonged to the suspect.

Police looked through the wallet and found the ID of a person who was not a guest at the resort.

Authorities ran the suspect s name and found out that he had an active warrant for Grand Theft.

Police went to the address listed on the suspect s identification but were unable to track him down.

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