NAMPA -- It has been a tough year for the flu around the country and here at home.

Idaho is considered to have widespread flu activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control. However, some emergency room doctors in southern Idaho are optimistic that the worst is over.

It has actually slowed down in the past week or at least that I have seen, said Dr. Chris Wyatt, an ER doctor at St. Alphonsus in Nampa.

But, he says it was a different story just a few weeks ago.

Every emergency department and every hospital in-patient side we were essentially overflowing.

Those patients were coming in with the typical flu symptoms -- aches and pains, fevers and coughs.

And medical experts tried their best to match the flu vaccine with those symptoms.

Sometimes you can still get flu despite immunizations but your symptoms are less severe if it is a good match for that year, said Wyatt.

Wyatt says everyone responds differently to the flu shot. Because there is no hard and fast treatment, Wyatt says perhaps awareness is helping flu victims deal.

I tell people they can use their own judgment, he said. If you are not extremely sick try to stay home and take care of it yourself.

While the flu is very serious, and you can die, Wyatt says very few people are actually hospitalized with complications.

But until flu season is actually over, Wyatt hopes the decrease in visits to the Nampa ER means it's winding down.

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