BOISE -- It's the end of an era for one of Boise's oldest eateries. The iconic Stagecoach Inn closed for good Saturday night after more than 50 years.

Since Newschannel Seven first reported that the historic Stagecoach Inn would be closing, they said business was non-stop, with waiting times as long as four hours. They didn't open until four Saturday, but by three o'clock they had a line around the side of the building of people wanting to say goodbye to the old Boise staple.

The Stagecoach is an institution in Boise and has been, pretty much, from the day it opened, said Joe Numbers, who came with his wife and friends. We have so many fond memories of coming here, we just could not see letting it go without having one more meal here.

Audrey Numbers said it's been part of their lives for a long time.

Well I've been coming here since 1984 when I first moved to Boise. I've been coming with this guy for the last 21 years since we've been married, said Audrey Numbers.

It's not just the prawns and prime rib that they'll miss.

We'll miss the atmosphere I guess, it's a unique combination of people and food, said Joe Numbers.

Bruna Wells is one of the well-loved waitresses of the Stagecoach.

I worked at the Stagecoach for 18 years, and I have tons of my customers and I want to let them know my next move where I'll be going, but I just love all of them and I thank all of them and they're going to miss the Stagecoach, said Wells.

The Stagecoach became a tradition for many.

We've been here since the 60s, this is our hangout, said Katy Brock. Graduate from high school and you come to the Stagecoach.

For the past several days, since they announced the closing, there has been a wait at lunch and dinner, and even lines outside. But before this week, their business was struggling.

It's a tough deal, it's a tough economy, things are bad, said Bill Beaty, who used to be a cook at the Stagecoach Inn. It's a great place, I wish it was staying open forever, I love the Stagecoach.

So far, there are no plans for the building.

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