SPOKANE COUNTY Fast food workers in Spokane County got a Christmas surprise Wednesday after Santa paid them a visit.

A group of volunteers spent the holiday handing out $20 bills to employees.

Volunteers are calling it a Holiday Care Blitz. They said the whole point is to bring joy to people working on Christmas.

They are trying to create a new tradition and said the best gift you can give could be over a fast food counter.

It was business as usual at the North Spokane Jack in the Box on Market Street until Santa and some volunteers handed each employee $20 for working on Christmas.

Most of the employees there have worked Christmas day for years in a row.

I think it's really special. It helps us who are working who can't be with our families right now, said Jack in the Box Manager Austin Handley.

It's really nice to see things like that. We work really hard and at times it's not shown how hard it is, said employee Crystal Williams.

Volunteers with the organization Big Table are geared toward helping those working in the restaurant industry. They spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day handing out cash. They delivered to 18 fast food restaurants in Spokane and Spokane Valley. More than half of the money came from the volunteers themselves.

It can be a hard industry to work in. Anything we can do to bring joy to people is a gift to all of us, said a coordinator for Big Table, Laura Lympus.

Fast food employees said gifts like this make working on Christmas not so bad.

It's kind of tough, but when this kind of stuff happens. It makes it worth it, said Jack in the Box employee Destiny Wallace.

Volunteers raised more than $3,000 to give out to employees. That money also came from donors and a local church. They said they plan on doing the Holiday Blitz every Christmas from now on.

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