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BOISE A group of kids in Boise decided to record an album and give all of the proceeds to help fight cancer and help those in need.

The group of kids are siblings, 9-year-old Isabella, and 8-year-old triplets - Abby, Gabby and Riley Keen.

They make up the Runaway Hamsters.

We all picked the name, said Abby. Finishing her sentence, Isabella added, Abby picked runaway and I picked hamsters and then we put it together, Runaway Hamsters.

Earlier this year, something happened in their lives that threw these musicians off beat. On April 1, 2013, doctors diagnosed their friend Matt Dittrich with cancer.

He has a tumor in his brain and it's hard for him to speak and he lost all of the hair on his head. He's bald now, said Gabby. And it's hard for him to walk too. He has to use a wheelchair.

I think it was really hard and it was very hard on Isabella because Matt was just a dear, dear friend and a good buddy, said Barb Keen.

Barb Keen plays the role of mom and occasionally band manager. She calls herself a 'Momager.'

This summer they were talking on summer break and they wanted to do something to support their buddy, said Barb Keen.

So they turned to their talents, music and decided to record a single.

Their parents fronted the money get the CD produced. The kids are now selling their single at all Flatbread restaurants and on their Facebook page.

I'm touched, truly. Truly touched, said Barb. It's really hard to talk about because their family is so dear to us, such great friends, and Matt is such an amazing young man.

So far, they've raised over $1,200.

It makes me feel good, said Riley. Because we're supporting him.

The Runaway Hamsters will sell their CD through Friday. The cost is $5.

On Tuesday, the Keens donated $200 to their school, Riverside Elementary, to start a scholarship fund to help kids and families like Matt's.

They'll donate the rest of the money, in Matt's name, to the Mountain States Tumor Institute and the Children's Hospital in Boise.

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