NAMPA -- At their school board meeting Tuesday, the Nampa School District Board of Trustees made the decision to run another levy.

Going into this school year, the district was $5.3 million in debt. Interim Superintendent Pete Koehler said at the end of this school year their debt will be gone. However, he also said that they need another levy for at least $1.7 million to stay on this positive path.

The Nampa School District restructured a bond, ran a levy, and made several different cuts to help get rid of their debt. Their current levy expires at the end of this year.

The trouble we have though now is while the debt, the mistakes that were made in the past, are taken care of, we're living paycheck to paycheck, said Koehler.

The board is holding a meeting on Tuesday, December 17, for stakeholder groups. The district knows they have ground to make up in terms of the public trust and confidence. They hope the Tuesday work session will help them build trust.

Koehler said if the levy does not pass, they will have to run another levy or make more cuts.

The board held off on a decision as to when they will run the levy, and how much it will be for.

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