CASCADE, Idaho -- The Valley County Sheriff's Office is scaling back the search for a missing plane. They have taken their deputies off the search for the time being, and all aircrafts being used in the search had to be grounded because of the weather.

It's been a long search for the dozens who have participated. A plane carrying five people took of from Baker City, Oregon and was bound for Butte, Montana when the pilot lost radar contact with air traffic control Sunday afternoon. Searchers have been battling the elements and the rugged terrain.

From the beginning it was really hard because all we had to go off of was the cell phone ping, the last cell phone ping from one of the cell phones that was on the plane and the radar contact, said Incident Commander Lieutenant Dan Smith, with Valley County Sheriff's Office.

He said it was one of the bigger searches of its kind in Valley County, with as many as 60 people on foot at one time.

We fought every type of obstacle that is imaginable in the back country, Smith said.

The Valley County Sheriff's Office is scaling back their search until the weather breaks and they get a better idea where the plane might be.

There's just hundreds of people that were involved in this and gave it everything they had, Smith said. We're disappointed we didn't find anything.

The families of the people on the plane are asking for help. Brad Norton's nephew Jonathan Norton was on the plane.

We understand what we're up against. We understand what the odds are and we're really hoping and praying for a miracle, said Norton. We have so much support out there through social media and other venues and through news broadcasts. This has gone out to thousands, and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands people and they're pouring their prayers and their love and everything for the family and the family members.

They are hoping people will help them search on foot, and hoping for a miracle.

Smith said the families have been very appreciate of everybody in Cascade and Valley County and said they've gotten lots of offers for help and support from the community.

All aircrafts that were being used in the search had to be grounded because of weather, but the family is prepared to go out on foot for some additional searching.

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