BOISE As part of KTVB s build up to Cares Day, we continue to look at the organizations that make a difference in the quality of life for those in need.

Here s a look at the Boise Rescue Mission, one of the charities that will benefit from Cares Day.

Despite the Boise Rescue Mission's name sounding like it only serves people in Boise, it serves men in Nampa, with the plan of serving women and children there in the near future.

Regardless of the location, the goal of the rescue mission is the same, give people a hand up, not a hand out.

Whatever caused that person to become homeless, we want to help them correct those problems, overcome those problems and get back out into the community as a healthy and a productive person again, said Rev. Bill Roscoe, Boise Rescue Mission Executive Director.

Whether it's at the flagship River of Life men's shelter or City Light Home for Women and Children in Boise, or the Lighthouse Rescue Mission and the soon to open Valley Women and Children Shelter in Nampa, the focus is on the individual.

Dalanie Serre says she was in an abusive marriage for over four years before she was finally able to get out. She and her 6-year-old daughter are now homeless, but safe.

That process can be very heartbreaking. I had a beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood, said Serre. I had my own space, had my own kitchen to cook in, the whole nine yards. It was very hard to go through losing all of that.

Serre is now trying to get her life together, and be in a position to support herself and her daughter.

I am just so grateful that there are people that are willing to understand us instead of just look at us and look at the label homelessness, said Serre.

At City Light there are 98 beds for women and children, but lately, that's not enough. Recently they've had 120 to 130 women and children, some sleeping on mats on the floor. Right now, kids make up 55 percent of the people staying at the shelter.

It's really difficult, said Roscoe. You know it's hard on everybody to see kids in homelessness. But on the other hand it's really a blessing to have a place like this where they can come, be safe, be loved, be encouraged and have as normal a life you can have without owning your own home or own place to live.

The Boise Rescue Mission's budget is over $4 million a year right now, but once the Valley Women and Children Center opens, it will be closer to $4.5 million. The goal is to open it the beginning of the year.

Of that budget, 72 percent comes from donations, large and small. The rest comes from non-governmental grants.

If you'd like to know more about the Boise Rescue Mission click here.

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