BOISE -- A friend of Boise Greenbelt murder victim Kay Lynn Jackson spoke to KTVB one day after the killer pleaded guilty 15 years after the crime.

Jackson's case was cold, but Boise Police detectives solved the case and on April 30, charged Patrick Jon Zacharias with rape and murder. On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to both felonies.

With this year's developments, Jackson's friend Becky Duggan said she's relived a lot of old memories, but for her personally, the charges and guilty plea are providing some closure.

The fact that he pleaded guilty means we won't have to go through a long drawn out court process. We won't have to hear his name in the news, in the media for a long period of time. We won't have to go through a long trial, Duggan said.

DNA evidence linked Zacharias to the 1998 crime. He was already in prison, serving a life sentence for kidnapping. With the new guilty plea, the deal is for another life sentence with no parole to be served after the current sentence.

He's not going to be on the streets, and he is, in a sense, taking responsibility and confessing to the crime. And that provides a definite sense of closure, Duggan said.

Duggan says she's thankful the case was solved and hopes the admission of guilt will help Jackson's other friends and her family heal.

It's just nice that we do finally know what happened. So many of these kinds of cases go unsolved, and it's really nice and it was a welcome surprise to actually have this crime solved, Duggan said.

Zacharias is scheduled to be sentenced January 17. In exchange for the guilty pleas and his agreement to waive all appeals, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty.

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