BOISE -- There are questions in Idaho after the United States and Iran struck an agreement over Iran's nuclear program.

The deal called for limits to Iran s nuclear program in exchange for lighter economic sanctions, but the family of a Boise man imprisoned in Iran wants to know if their loved one was part of the discussion.

Saeed Abedini s wife Naghmeh has been on the media circuit since he was put in captivity in 2012, and Monday she spoke about her disappointment in this recent deal.

It s very disheartening, I don t know what to tell my kids about Christmas anymore, you know it s painful, said Naghmeh Abedini.

It s been over a year now since her husband pastor Saeed Abedini has seen his family.

Naghmeh said that our nation's leaders know about Saeed's imprisonment because Secretary of State John Kerry has called for his release and President Barack Obama even took up the case in a phone call with the Iranian president this fall.

Naghmeh said she had a heads up about a deal.

When Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Geneva we knew something was up. There was probably a deal that was being made and finalized and so we contacted the U.S. Department of State and asked them and make sure this is the ample opportunity, explained Naghmeh. This is the best time for them.

But as she watched his speech Saturday there was disappointment that Saeed was not mentioned.

So I was watching as many, many Americans were watching and hoping that Saeed would be mentioned, and unfortunately there was no mention of Saeed, she said.

In 2012, the Christian pastor was headed back to Iran to help start an orphanage, but instead his family said he was arrested and imprisoned for his Christian beliefs.

You know that I knew that this was our one shot, our one chance to get him out because we had so much leverage with the Iranian government and we asked that this be a pre-condition, said Naghmeh.

She is now looking ahead at her next opportunity to get her husband out of a harsh prison before, she believes, he could be killed there.

I have to continue to fight for his release, I am hoping and praying, I rely on my faith to give me hope to continue every day, she said.

Naghmeh is asking for her fellow Idahoans and Americans to make their voices heard and help get the word out about the release of her husband.

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