EAGLE -- The disagreement between Ada County and the City of Eagle continues over the proposed terrain park.

The City of Eagle leases the land for the snow terrain park from Ada County, but the two entities are at odds over the lease agreement and what happens moving forward.

The city is eager to move ahead with the terrain park, but they have to work out the agreement with the county first.

At a meeting on Wednesday night, they discussed several options including:

  • Purchasing the footprint for the terrain park
  • Buying the are already annexed by the City of Eagle
  • Buying the entire park area
  • Renegotiating the lease with the county
  • Or they could get an appraisal

The city is figuring out how to move forward while avoiding further conflict with the commission.

We're trying to find out the best way to proceed with them, to find out what they want. Mr. Case once said to me over the phone, 'I don't want you turning a shovel of dirt without I say so,' said Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds.

Jana Gomez, the attorney for Ada County, was at Wednesday night's meeting, and said the commission is not interested in continuing the lease while the city moves forward with the snow park.

She also went on to say that they want to sell the footprint of the park and do away with the city's annexed land, or sell the annexed land to the city and do away with the lease.

The city council agreed to meet with the commission again to discuss how to move forward, and the plans for the terrain park will go for design review on December 12.

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