BOISE -- The families of four elementary students have filed a tort claim against the Boise School District saying their kids got sick from improperly installed carpet at Hidden Springs Elementary School.

This is a story KTVB first covered earlier this year when parents said they thought their children got sick because of carpet glue that never dried, sending harmful fumes into the classrooms.

Tort claim: Children became sick and school didn t act promptly

In Tuesday's filed tort claim, parents say the school district was warned of dangerous gasses coming from the carpet glue and didn't warn parents or fix the problem for years. They say moisture in the school s concrete slab never allowed the glue to dry fully.

Officials at BSD [Boise School District] were warned in November of 2011 that improperly install carpet and glue at the Hidden Springs Elementary School were out-gassing hazardous toxins...that are widely known to cause health problems, the tort claim reads.

Further, the families claim the district did not fix the problem and acted only when the danger became a matter of public knowledge in May of 2013.

In the claim, the attorney for the families explains children and some employees experienced symptoms such as respiratory problems, headaches, sore throats, vision problems, nausea, stomachaches, vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms.

A history of carpet issues at Hidden Springs

In KTVB s initial story, the school s principal explained the history of the carpets in the building. Four years ago, there were issues with a high moisture level in the building s concrete slab when the district took over the school.

The school ripped up the carpet at that time and for a while, the school went without carpet, instead having concrete floors. Then, the carpet was replaced and some parents complained of noxious fumes and children with illnesses.

After a meeting and new tests on the building, the moisture level was found to be high again, and in June 2013, the district ripped up the carpet again.

Hidden Springs' principal told KTVB in June he did not believe there was a health risk for students and hoped ripping up the carpet again would help ease concerns.

Future claims could include negligence, personal injury

In the tort claim, the attorney says future claims against the school could include negligence, personal injury, and violations of state and federal laws, including those governing the safety of students and children.

The group says each child's case is worth compensation of at least $1.4 million and the adults compensation should be no less than $750,000 each.

Boise School District officials confirmed Tuesday that they did receive the claim after hours and that it has been forwarded to the district's attorney. At this time, they could offer no further comment.

To see KTVB s original story, click here.

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