BOISE -- An alert taxi driver rescued a family from a duplex fire early Thursday morning.

The fire started just after midnight at a duplex on West Landmark Court near Five Mile Road.

Ray Sanchez was driving home from work when he saw smoke drifting across the road. He followed that smoke to the duplex where he said the fire had completely engulfed the building.

I saw some smoke rolling across Five Mile and I said, 'That doesn't look right.' So I made a U-turn and came in here and saw the house on fire.

Sanchez pounded on the door and started waking up the people inside.

They were out the door within 10 seconds or less, said Sanchez. By the time I got them out the door, the place became engulfed. They said, 'Thank God.'

A mom, her daughters and their pet rabbit were able to get out of their side of the duplex without any injuries. They were asleep and didn't know their duplex was on fire until Sanchez alerted them.

We're told the people who live on the other side of the duplex are gone on vacation.

Fire investigators say hot ashes left in a cardboard box ignited the fire.

The Red Cross is helping the family that escaped the fire.

A spokeswoman says they're staying with a relative.

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