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BOISE -- A stained glass butterfly stolen from a statue outside the Women's and Children's Alliance building in downtown Boise has been returned.

Chris Campbell, Communications Manager for the WCA, says a call came in at 5 a.m. reporting a suspicious bag outside the shelter at the corner of North 8th and West Washington streets.

Police were called to investigate and found the stolen butterfly inside a Winco shopping bag. A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt could be seen on surveillance video returning the butterfly around 1 a.m. Wednesday. We are told the man who returned the butterfly is not the same person seen attacking the butterfly and removing it Monday night.

Campbell says they found a note found with butterfly that said My friend's a 'drunken' idiot. I'm so sorry. Police say the note was signed - bystander to the great butterfly heist.

What to do now is the question of the day according to Campbell. The butterfly itself was not damaged, but the bolts that attached it to the statue were broken. She says they are checking with the artist to see if it can be sturdier.

Campbell tells KTVB they are very excited about getting it back and that the community support has been overwhelming.

This was the third time the butterfly was stolen.

The symbolic statue, plus the additional security at the shelter, is valued at around $4,000.

The WCA's executive director told us this vandalism is a felony and they want to see the man who stole the butterfly prosecuted for his crime.

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