NEAR RANDLE, Wash. -- A 69-year-old hunter from Kirkland was killed Saturday afternoon by a falling tree branch.

Lewis County Sheriff's Office officials said the incident happened at the Cortright Creek Trailhead near Randle in Lewis County.

Family members have identified the victim as 69-year-old Joe Gardner.

John Gardner said his brother went hunting at that spot nearly every year since they were boys growing up in Randle.

You never know when you're not going to see somebody again, said John Gardner.

John said his brother enjoyed the outdoors.

John was hunting with his brother and some friends when he said the winds picked up around three Saturday afternoon.

I've never seen it blow that hard up there before, said John Gardner.

Joe Gardner, a retired Boeing engineer, leaves behind a wife, two children and two grandchildren.

He lived a good life, said John Gardner, It's sad to see it end so soon.

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