BOISE -- The Elks Rehab System has been helping support Meals on Wheels in Ada County for four and half years. Now, that is coming to an end.

Elks is making a move to discontinue its partnership with Meals on Wheels. They are calling this a strategic decision to discontinue Meals on Wheels.

Elks has been running Meals on Wheels in the county since 2009. They deliver 800 hot meals to seniors in Ada County every weekday. The program helps some seniors maintain their independence, while other seniors gather in common locations and eat together.

Grant Jones said the decision has nothing to do with money.

It's really not financial because it's a budget-neutral program, said Jones. There's actually room for increased revenue with fundraising activities. But this is really strategic from a health care standpoint to really focus on what we really consider our core mission, which is rehabilitation services.

Elks will stop providing the Meals on Wheels and congregate senior nutrition services at the end of January 2014. Jones said they will continue a little after the end of January if need be to have a smooth transition with a new operator. They are working with the Area Agency on Aging Serving Southwest Idaho to find a new agency to run the program.

Jones said they are confident someone else will pick up with Meals on Wheels.

We can hand them a wonderful turnkey program and Meals on Wheels can continue and not miss a beat, said Jones.

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