BOISE -- There are several important steps you should take to get fall leaves ready for curbside pickup by the city's waste disposal service.

Leaf pickup begins on Monday, November 4 and continues through the end of the month. City leaders say it's important to know how it works and where the leaves go.

Don't live in Boise?The rules are very similar in other nearby cities, and we've got links with information below.


While it's acceptable to throw leaves away in your trash container, it's likely to fill up fast.

When that happens, make sure to use compostable paper bags to dispose of the remaining leaves.You can fill those bags with leaves, grass clippings, and yard trimmings from gardens.

Importantly, Boise residents should have received a $10 coupon for compostable bags at the begining of the year via the city's 2013 recycling calendar.

Don't have a coupon?Send an email to with your name and address, or call 284-3901.

For more information, see the City of Boise website.

For leaf collection in Garden City, Meridian, Kuna, and other areas of AdaCounty, click here.

For Nampa's leaf rules, click here.


Second, when you rake those leaves up, make it easy on the sanitation workers who pick them up at your house. Catherine Chertudi with the Boise Public Works Department says there's a good way to do that.

We want to make sure you have at least three feet between the yard bags and your recycling carts and trash bins, and also make sure you have about three feet between your trash and recycling carts, Chertudi told KTVB.


Third, avoid raking or blowing leaves into the street. ChrstineMyron with the Ada CountyHighway District says that's because loads of leaves can clog storm drains and break street sweeping machines.

Our sweeper trucks are just not equipped to pick up the volume of leaves people would rake into the street in addition to what naturally falls into the street from the trees, Myron said.

Finally, remember not to use any plastic bags or containers to dispose of the leaves, or all that hard work will be left sitting on your curb.

As a final note, the Ada County landfill at Hidden Hollow will accept leaves for free through December 7.

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