BOISE -- Out of state investigators are in town working with local police to look for clues in a missing woman case.

Yakima County Sheriff's investigators say there are extraordinary circumstances in this case and someone here might know where she is.

Esthela Rios-Gonzalez, 30, went missing from Yakima, Washington in early October. She was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, 40-year-old German Garcia.

Last Friday her van was found abandoned in Garden City at the the McDonald's on the corner of North Glenwood Street and Chinden Boulevard.

Employees at the McDonald s called police saying the vehicle was abandoned there at least two weeks ago.

Yakima County detectives released this timeline of the case:

  • October 1: Esthela Rios-Gonzalez left her home in Toppenish, WA (Yakima County)
  • October 2: Family members reported Mrs. Rios-Gonzalez missing to authorities.
  • October 2: Detectives learned that both Mrs. Rios-Gonzalez and her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Garcia, were leaving a Casino together in Yakima County at about 1:00 AM. They were in her Chevrolet van - she was a passenger.
  • October 4: Detectives had tracked Mr. Garcia to the Treasure Valley area.
  • October 8: Seeking public assistance, police broadcasted a description of Mrs. Rios-Gonzalez, Mr. Garcia and the van.
  • October 10: Detectives learned that Mr. Garcia had stayed one night in a local Boise Motel alone.
  • October 25: Mrs. Rios-Gonzalez's van was recovered abandoned at a local McDonald's restaurant.

Detectives say they need the public's help in locating this mother of three. They believe Rios-Gonzalez is in danger and are urging anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 343-COPS.

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