BOISE The owner of a five-year-old mix breed dog who was shot by police is busy taking care of the six infant puppies the dog left behind.

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Sunday afternoon around 2 p.m. two Boise Police officer were responding to the theft of a report in the area of Woodlawn and 28th street.

At one point during their time in the neighborhood on the unrelated call, the officers say they felt threatened by a dog named Kita. One of the officers pulled his gun and fired killing her.

According to police, Kita moved in an aggressive manner toward the officers, some witnesses telling police she snarled at them.

However, the owner of the dog tells a different story; Gabrielle Stropkai believes Kita is nothing short of a lover and said she would never be aggressive toward anyone.

One day after the dog was shot; Stropkai s life has changed dramatically. She is a single mother working a full-time job, and now she is also caring for Kita s six two-week old puppies.

Luckily we have people around who have dealt with taking care of puppies, said Stropkai. They had the mom there with them, though, so of course one of the neighbors let us borrow a clock that ticks for the heartbeat.

The learning curve is big for getting the puppies fed without their mother.

Stropkai said she is still upset about the shooting but finds her mind is now busy with making sure the puppies are fed every two to three hours a day.

I had no choice whatsoever, and she was she was taken from me. And now, I have to fill her shoes which I am coming to find she had very big shoes, and I don t know if I am filling them very well, Stropkai said.

Monday the Boise Police Department told reporters the agency was not releasing any more information on the situation and have pushed media inquiries back to this statement that was provided Sunday evening:

Officers never want to harm an animal. The dog came upon the officers quickly and they felt it was about to bite them. This is a very dog friendly community. Many officers have dogs. We work with dogs. Dogs running loose are a safety risk, for people and for the dogs. This was a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved, said Deputy Chief Pete Ritter.

Stropkai told KTVB she has not heard from the Boise Police Department since the shooting happened, and she was told an investigation would not be underway.

However Boise Police spokesperson Chuck McClure told KTVB Monday that usually a policy review takes place after an incident like this. McClure also said at this point, it does not appear that officers violated policy.

Stropkai acknowledged the added work and cost associated with feeding the puppies and although she is upset over the loss of Kita, also admits caring for them is a pleasure.

If anyone is interested in helping, they can email Gabrielle Stropkai at

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