WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Obama is scheduled to meet with senate Republicans Friday to talk about the government shutdown and the debt ceiling.

Idaho congressman Raul Labrador says he's the one who came up with the solution they're expected to put before the President.

Republicans are expected to propose raising the debt ceiling through November 22nd. In return, they want president Obama to negotiate over ending the government shutdown, and raising the debt ceiling in the longer term.

Labrador said the credit for the plan is his, and that he brought it before the house majority speaker.

It's actually a great plan, Labrador told members of the media. I actually brought it to Eric Cantor about two days ago. I told him this would be a good way forward.

A senate committee will hear testimony Friday on the impact of the government shutdown on the economy. Testimony is expected from a variety of sources, including government agencies, private sector leaders and scientists.

With the government set to hit its borrowing limit on October 17, the focus has now turned to raising the debt limit. On Thursday, Obama met with house G.O.P. leaders, and the house majority leader said the meeting was productive.

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