BOISE -- The 31-year-old man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist early Thursday morning on State Street appeared in court Monday.

Jon Cox, the defense attorney for Gavin Haley, told the judge that Haley got out of his vehicle right after the collision shortly after midnight. The attorney says his client knew he had hit something, perhaps maybe a sign, but says his client did not see 53-year-old Victor Haskell. Haskell's body was found the next morning, about eight hours later, on State Street and 30th near a sidewalk construction site.

Haley's attorney argued his client is not a flight risk and therefore asked the judge for a minimum bond.

Another important fact is that Mr. Haley turned himself in, said Cox. There were reports in the media the next day. Mr. Haley had known he had struck something in that area, he wasn't sure. He and his father made the decision that he should turn himself in, cooperate with the police, tell him what he knew, what he remembered.

The prosecution says Haley had been drinking the night of the accident. They argued for a $500,000 bond given the seriousness of the offense and Haley's criminal history. The prosecution says Haley has two prior felony offenses and six prior misdemeanors.

The judge set Haley's bond at $250,000. Haley was also ordered not to drink or possess alcohol or drive, pending the outcome of the case. Haley's preliminary hearing is scheduled on October 6.

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