A New York woman on a quest to get an engagement ring by serving up 300 sandwiches to her boyfriend has prompted an online backlash.

New York Post writer Stephanie Smith revealed herself as the woman behind, a blog detailing her culinary quest to get a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of two years, Eric Schulte.

In her blog, Smith writes the following:

Honey, this is the best sandwich ever! he exclaimed in between bites so rapid in succession, the sandwich was gone in minutes. And then, he dropped a bomb me: You re, like, 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.

That was it a proposal hinged on me making him sandwiches.

Sandwiches meant more to him than nice gifts, regular sex or any other incentive I could use to get him closer to putting a ring on it. I m not sure how 300 became the magic number. Perhaps because it would take me about a year to make that many sandwiches, if I produced one Monday through Friday. That seemed like a long enough time in the future to seem far way. It also seemed like a lofty enough goal, out of easy reach, to set without complete confidence that I would accomplish it.

And so, I got cooking.

On Thursday, Smith was at 176 sandwiches, which all began with a turkey and Swiss. The couple appeared on Today Thursday to show off some of the recipes.

Smith s blog, however, is drawing criticism with some saying her slicing and stacking is setting feminism back.

Gossip sites Jezebel and Gawker were quick to weigh in on the what they found problematic about the whole project.

The story is like something out of a fairytale, one of those weird old German ones you can't read to kids, where an peasant girl's stepmother forces her to make 300 sandwiches for the Devil, and then a series of horrible things happen to the girl, and at the end of the story she freezes to death, blogger Caity Weaver writes.

If he wasn't the kind of guy who deserved one sandwich, I wouldn t be making 300 plus. It was a joke. It's light. It s funny. It s supposed to be light hearted, Smith said on Today, responding to some of the criticism.

I would have married her without the sandwich. Had you only known that, Schulte said back.

Smith said the sandwich making and her blog has helped the couple bond.

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