BOISE -- How 'bout these apples? A local Albertsons decided to donate four cases of gala apples to an 82-year-old Boise man that had his apples stolen off a tree in his yard.

Rod Day told KTVB on Monday that he takes great pride in the tree he planted in his yard off Collister Drive more than a decade ago.

He said it normally produces upwards of seven bushels of apples each year, but that this year someone took a lot of the apples, leaving him with just over a bushel.

On Wednesday, he was happy to receive a special delivery from a local Albertsons, four cases full to the brim with gala apples and topped with an Albertsons gift card.

Albertsons saw it on channel 7, said Day. It's phenomenal, because now those people that we usually give apples to...they have a chance to have them again now, which is really great.

Going to open those up and start filling up some sacks. And we'll get them all donated in the next couple of days, said Day.

He told KTVB he plans on giving them out to his neighbors, workers at a bowling alley nearby, and a group of elderly people in Meridian that look forward to his home-grown apples every year.

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