NAMPA -- Nampa Police say a carjacking suspect who escaped from officers last week has eluded authorities once again -- this time in Hardin, Montana.

Sgt. Tim Randall with the Nampa Police Department says officers in Big Horn County were responding to a trespassing report early Monday morning when they came in contact with Rodney Seiber.

According to reports, Seiber jumped out a second-story hotel window and ran into a nearby field.

On Tuesday, Sgt. Joe Ramirez said, He's dangerous and he obviously has something else going on in his mind that could cause harm not just to them but an innocent person.

KTVB also talked with several neighbors in the area where Caldwell Police spotted Seiber last Wednesday.

Gail Snyder said she recognized Seiber's mug shot as someone living nearby who she had talked to a few times before.

He just seemed like he didn't mind coming up to me as a stranger and asking me for money and cigarettes, he seemed very brazen to me and very bold, said Snyder.

Clyde Warner was also shocked that the search he'd seen on the news stemmed from his street.

Scary for me, hopefully I have enough friends around here to protect me, said Warner.

Ramirez said Seiber should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

He's not going back to prison is one reason he runs from police, and in doing so if confronted he said he would be in a standoff, and either be killed or kill himself, said Ramirez.

Brittany Robbins, 18, was also located at the hotel. Police say after an interview, she admitted she and Seiber were on the run from Idaho. She was arrested at the scene and is charged with trespassing and obstruction of evidence.

An officer positively identified Seiber and crews began searching for the 36-year-old.

Officers held an extensive search for Seiber that lasted more than 20 hours. It was eventually called off around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say a silver Ford Ranger was found at the scene. Authorities believe it belongs to a couple in Powell, Wyoming, but they haven't been able to contact the owners. The truck has not been reported stolen.

Three sets of plates were also found in the truck, along with a .20 gauge shotgun.

Rodney Seiber is still on the run in Montana.

Authorities there say they are actively searching for him in Big Horn County and believe he is still in the area.

Seiber's jacket was found in the area on Tuesday.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call police.

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