BOISE -- When the Meridian Animal Shelter closes on September 30, the Idaho Humane Society will take over animal sheltering for the city of Meridian.

So, what does that mean?

Officials say their workload will likely increase, but overall, it could be better for the community.

The Idaho Humane Society deals with 13,000 to 14,000 of animals a year, so officials say they're ready to take in any pets that won't have a home in Meridian.

In fact, they believe having all the animals under one roof could help boost adoption rates.

A lot of these dogs were strays in the Meridian area, and with having one facility that all the animals are going to, that's open 7-days a week and extended hours, that hopefully people will be coming to claim their strays a lot quicker and so it will be a quicker turnaround for those dogs as well, said Hannah Parpart, communication and outreach coordinator with the Idaho Humane Society.

The Idaho Humane Society will have to hire two new full-time animal control officers who will be responsible for patrolling the Meridian area.

The Meridian Animal Shelter will close on September 30.

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