WASHINGTON-- This weekend on a special edition of Meet the Press, David Gregory talked to a number of panelists about the American Dream, including Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador.

Labrador was born in Puerto Rico to a single mother.

He talked about the way his mother raised him, and his belief that the American Dream is alive and well.

I was born fours years after the march on Washington, said Labrador. I was born to a single mother who lost her job because she got pregant with me. The most important thing she decided is that she was going to give me a good life. I didn't go to military school when I was a young man because my mother was rich. I went to miltary school because she decided to sacrifice. She decided to go without some things in life so she could put me in a military school.

Labrador said African-American leadership needs to use Martin Luther King's message of hope instead of convincing the community that they have no hope to succeed.

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