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BOISE -- Idaho Fish and Game officers tranquilized a bear found wandering around Boise's North End Thursday morning.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office said the male adult black bear was first spotted behind the Boise Veterans Administration Hospital on West Fort Street around 7:30 a.m.

The bear eventually wandered to the Fort Boise Military Reserve Park.

Jodi Meine was going for a morning run on Mountain Cove Road when she spotted a deputy with his gun drawn and then saw the bear coming off a nearby trail.

I've seen snakes, fox, deer, but never a bear, said Meine. That was a first.

It took several hours of hide-and-seek before deputies and wildlife officials were able to get close enough to safely tranquilize and capture the bear, said sheriff's spokesman Patrick Orr.

The bear will be taken to the Boise National Forest north of Lowman to be released.

Orr said it's unclear if recent fires or drought played into the bear's visit to Boise. Fish and Game officials say similar incidents may occur over the next months and people living in the foothills are advised to keep trash sealed and to avoid leaving food outside.

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