HAILEY, Idaho -- As the Beaver Creek Fire continues to burn, KTVB took a tour of the fire area on Monday.

Along Baker Creek Road, fire crews are getting ahead of the flames.

We have a spot fire here and we need to make sure it doesn't go up the ridge, so we are trying to get around it with water, so it doesn't go anywhere, said Gerad House with the Ketchum Blade Runners.

The northern flank is active with the trees torching one by one. and House, who lives in Ketchum, reminds us why this fire continues to be the number one priority in the nation.

You don't want to see it burn up. I ride trails, I go hiking, fishing, said House.

So even now, additional crews are still arriving.

A group call themselves the Tri-State Team because they all hail from different places.

A lot of us met for the first time today, said Eric Pritchard. We got here, We got set up, getting our tools ready, our crew boss is scoping it out so getting ready for what they need us to do.

The fire continues to change and move, as fires typically do and crews have to adjust.

Tonight we have another initial attack crew coming from Louisiana. There are a lot of accents here, said Greg Litten.

Just 30 miles from where the base camp is Spike camp, and it will serve 300 firefighters a day.

A lot of logistics, feeding them, making sure they get the supplies they need, said Litten.

So when the work day is done here.

I'd like to put it out as soon as possible, said House.

House and his crew will get to rest even closer at Spike Camp.

Need to be flexible for when the fire moves, said Litten.

Instead of an hour drive to base camp, it's now only a ten minute drive, according to Litten.

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