KETCHUM -- The Sun Valley area is known as a world-class resort destination, but a massive fire burning nearby is having a negative effect on the community's bottom line during what is normally a busy time for the area.

The Beaver Creek Fire has forced evacuations in nearby communities and smoke from the fire has been filling the Wood River Valley for the last few days.

Locals in the business community say the smoke and the evacuations are hurting shops and restaurants, during one of their most important times of year.

Signs fill the windows of many businesses, saying they're closed because of the fire.

Some businesses owners had to close because they were evacuated, while, for others, there was simply no point in opening.

It affects business negatively for sure, said Baird Gourlay of PK's Ski and Sports. All the business owners are depressed about it because August is a huge month for everybody -- from coffee shops to ski shops.

But other business are staying open, like The Elephant's Perch.

About five days ago the business just went down, said Nappy Neaman of the Elephant's Perch. We're open basically just to help people get some information.

Neaman and the rest of the staff count on people spending time outside to make their bottom line.

You can sit here and be nervous and edgy, but you can still get out into the Sawtooths right now and have a really good time, said Neaman. So there's business to be made. You just gotta stick at it.

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